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British Lingua ties up with UK English Expert Matt !

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How to work on your English Communications Skills with us  

News Desk ( National Thoughts ) : British LinguSa is an internationally acclaimed institution committed to advancing the cause of English Communications Skills in India since 1993 has recently tied up with a UK-based English trainer to help Indian students improve their English accent and Skills.

“English language in the Indian Context –

The international author and trainer Matt Purland from England has begun to facilitate exclusive English training sessions on different aspects of the English language in the Indian Context’ beginning from 11th May 2022.
British Language

Who is teaching You ? -British Language
Beginning his career as a lecturer at a training centre in Derby, United Kingdom, Matt, 49 from the UK has authored 27 books on English language skills. All his learning material is free to download and in the public domain, so that anybody can use it to learn, teach, make money, and improve their lives. His ‘Big Grammar Book’ has been downloaded over 4 million times for free. In addition, he has addressed dozens of seminars and workshops and imparted training in effective English skills to countless students over the years.

MD of british Lingua Dr. Birbal Jha  –

Dr Birbal Jha, based in New Delhi is a top communication skills trainer and Managing Director of British Lingua, which has been able to help improve the lifestyles of millions of students who were initially deprived of English education and employability skills in India.

Dr Birbal, who coined the slogan ‘English for all’ and devised the unique English SIM, standing for Structural-cum-Interactive Method, has been into English training for nearly three decades in India.

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