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Welcome on 7th October, Friday Astrology session for financial markets.

Good morning traders Welcome on 1st October, Friday Astrology session for financial markets

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What was said and what happened?
Today moon in punravasu aand jupiter is in retro motion. General tendency of the market is weak.
What Happened: Markets tumbled down. Nifty closed 93.15 Pts down and Nifty Bank 317 Pts.
Mostlt all sectors were weak. Except Pharma.
Cyclical analysis performed well as also our watchlist.
Today Astro and Technical foreccast:
Nifty is on a strong support of 17650. and resistance of 17675 intraday. In this weak trend it is adv to sell below 17675. for 20 MA- 17530
Nifty Bank is also on a verge of break. Anything below 37500 is negative for bank nifty as said earlier also.
Astro- Today moon in pusha- sat star is a weak sign or down market as sat is retro. Watch pharma today.
Moon trine to ketu is a very tough for financial markets. It is a strong move.
Today Important times in CIT
Today Cyclical Time Analysis”
Nifty is weak after 10:45, may recover or in range in mid session, gradually down side in end.
Nifty bank is also in down cycles.
Today Watchlist on buy side.
Voda Idea, sustaing 11.65
Trent- Swing sustaining 1021, CMP 1025
Titan- swing- Sustaining 2142, CMP 2161
NTPC – Sustaing above 141
l&TFH- sustaining 91.75-
Tata Power
Today watchlist on sell side.
Petronet- Below 235
UPL below 711- CMP 707
ICICI Bank- Below 700
Motherson Sumi below 224
Have a great trading day ahead. Happy trading.
Disclaimer: Astro analysis, meant only for educational purposes.

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