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Today's History 21 October: Major events that happened in today's history

Today’s History 21 October : आज के इतिहास में घटित हुई प्रमुख घटनाएं

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Indian History
  • 1296: अलाउद्दीन खिलजी ने दिल्ली की गद्दी संभाली।
  • 1577: गुरू रामदास ने अमृतसर नगर की स्थापना की।
  • 1931: प्रसिद्ध हिन्दी फ़िल्म अभिनेता शम्मी कपूर का जन्म हुआ।
  • 1934: नेताजी सुभाष चन्द्र बोस ने आजाद हिंद फ़ौज की स्थापना सिंगापुर में की।
  • 1951: भारतीय जनसंघ की स्थापना हुई।
  • 1959: चीन और भारत की सेनाओं में भिडंत।
  • 1990: दूरदर्शन ने दोपहर की हिंदी व अंग्रेजी समाचार बुलेटिन सेवाएं आरंभ कीं।
  • 1999: फिल्म निर्माता बी.आर चोपड़ा को 1999 में दादा साहेब फाल्के पुरस्कार।
  • 2012: सायना नेहवाल ने डेनमार्क ओपन सुपर सीरीज ख़िताब अपने नाम कर लिया।
  • 2012: भारतीय फ़िल्म निर्माता-निर्देशक यश चोपड़ा का निधन हुआ।
Philippines History  
  • 1555 English parliament refuses to recognize Philip of Spain as king
  • 1568 2nd Altenburger sermon: Philippisten/Gnesiolutheranen
  • 1988 Philippine former first couple Ferdinand & Imelda Marcos indicted on racketeering charges
  • 2009 MLB National League Championship: Philadelphia Phillies beat Los Angeles Dodgers, 4 games to 1
Paris History 
  • 1652 King Louis XIV returns to Paris
  • 1915 1st transatlantic radiotelephone message, Arlington, Va to Paris
China History 
  • 1727 Russian & Chinese accord to correct boundaries
  • 1950 Chinese forces occupy Tibet

Japan History 

  • 1895 The Republic of Formosa collapses as Japanese forces invade.
  • 1938 Japanese troops occupies Canton
  • 1964 US 4 x 100m men’s relay team of Paul Drayton, Gerry Ashworth, Richard Stebbins & Bob Hayes run world record 39.0s to beat Poland by 0.3s and win the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics
  • 1964 New Zealand athlete Peter Snell wins the 1,500m at the Tokyo Olympics; his second gold medal of the Games (800m); 3rd career gold
  • 1964 American men’s 4×400m relay team beats Great Britain by 0.9s to set world record 3:00.7 and win the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics; Ollan Cassell, Mike Larrabee, Ulis Williams & Henry Carr
United Nations History 
  • 1902 In the United States, a five month strike by United Mine Workers ends.
  • 1948 Facsimile high-speed radio transmission demonstrated (Washington, D.C.)
  • 1948 UN rejects Russian proposal to destroy atomic weapons
  • 1958 1st women in British House of Lords
  • 1976 New York Yankees catcher Thurman Munson ties World Series mark of 6 straight singles in Games 3 & 4; Yankees swept by Cincinnati Reds, 4-0
  • 1977 US recalls William Bowdler, ambassador to South Africa
  • 1986 Republic of Marshall Islands signs Compact of Free Association with US
America History 
  • 1917 1st Americans to see action on front lines of WWI: US troops enter front lines at Sommervillier under French command
  • 1976 Nobel prize for literature awarded to American Saul Bellow
  • 1986 American writer Edward Tracy kidnapped in Beirut
  • 1989 Betram Lee & Peter Bynoe purchase the Denver Nuggets for $65m – 1st African American owners of a major sports team,
  • 2007 MLB American League Championship: Boston Red Sox beat Cleveland Indians, 4 games to 3

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