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Welcome on 7th October, Friday Astrology session for financial markets.

Welcome on 11th October, Monday Astrology session for financial markets.

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Markets Cheered the RBI monetory announcements and also ratings and nifty close at 17895, Making a double top and a spinning doji.
This week has many important outcomings along with Q2 results
Globaly- Bank earnings, U.S.Data, Fed minutes, IMF world bank Annual meet, UK Data.
India- Major Q2 results, RS-INR, Impact of RBI policy.
Most interestingly IT sector results that has already started pouring.
Astrologically, 11- Sat Direct, 15- is an important CIT
Major Support/Resistance levels are 17783/18118/18798
Minor 17583/17716/17849/17983/18118
Today Astro Forecast:
Majorly it is the time of Mars/Sun/Mer(r) conjunctions. Means Bank, IT, Realty, Auto will be the main performers this week.
I am especially interested in IT sectors on bullish side.
As we are approching Saturn direct movement from here, I believe a major trend will evolve from 11/12.
Best strategy trade is to see the range break,at either side. Nifty is already at double top, any break is a upside trend or it will remain in range.
Today moon in Jyestha in start and will move to Mula at 12:55, so it is a two way market.
Astrologically it is a UP and then down market. If the markets open down then it will change its trend afterwards @2:30
So preferable strategy is to sell on rise in first part and buy in second part.
Today Important times in CIT
Today Watchlist on buy side.
Tata motors sustaining 376
Mahindra sustaining 867
HMT sustaing 30.50
Canara and Bank of Baroda- Swing
Indian energy exchange-Swing trade
Today watchlist on sell side.
Gujrat gas below 618
Biocon below 359
cummins below 882
Have a great trading day ahead. Happy trading.
Disclaimer: Astrology analysis meant only for educational purposes.

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