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Welcome on 20th October, Tuesday, Astro technical session for financial markets

Welcome on 12th October, Tuesday, Astro technical session for financial markets.

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What was said and what happened.
Today moon in Jyestha in start and will move to Mula at 12:55, so it is a two way market.
Astrologically it is a UP and then down market. If the markets open down then it will change its trend afterwards @2:30
So preferable strategy is to sell on rise in first part and buy in second part.
What Happened in Markets:
As discussed yesterday, Nifty remained Up by 12:30 touched a peak of 18040 and then slide down to 17945.
nifty bank also touched a high of 38564 and slide to 38362.
Today Astro and Technical Analysis.
Technically, Nifty and Bank nifty both have rested on an important Pivot or support. Breaking any side is a trade.
This is a double top pattern. So traders must be cautious at this moment. The way market behave in breaking or resisting this peak is very very important.
Astrologically, Saturn has become direct yesterday and saturn rules Steel, Auto, Realty and Mines/Refineries. So we must watch some long term trens fromhere.
Secondly, Big tops and bottoms are formed when Mer speed is 1D. I am very cautious of this phenomenon.
Also critical degree of Venus is also indicating a down trend.
Today Moon in Mula and enter Purashadha at 11:26.
Astrologically it is a two way trend.
Markets from initial corrections can move up.
Strategy is to buy on dips on important time and price levels.
Important Times of CIT in Markets.
Watchlist on Buy side
Crompton above 486
India cement above 199
Torent power sustaining 540- Swing
Havells above 1406
Watchlist on sell Side
TCS below 3685
HDFC Life below 720
IGAS below 515
Happy Trading,
Disclaimer: Astrology analysis meant only for educational purposes.

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