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Welcome on 20th October, Tuesday, Astro technical session for financial markets

Welcome on 18th october 2021, Astro session for financial markets.

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We are in the mid of october and financial Q2 have started coming in.
By now IT results have been good and also charts are supporting after a correction.
This week astrologically, attention is needed on
18th October- Both Mercury and jupiter will set Direct motion.
19/20th Ashwin or Sharad Poornima. Onset of Winter.
24th – Sunday when sun will enter swati (1-6). Tigger of a malefic phase.
markets are at ATH and Greed- fear index ( If you remember regarding my prediction on bear Phase) in also rising.
My astro prediction is to book profits of your shares whose RSI is more than 70-80. In other words Eat before your plate is removed.
IT, Metal and Ofcourse Realty stocks ( As jupiter will be Dir in Mars) is importat to watch here.
Now Astro session for today 18th.
Today Moon in jupiter star and jupiter is more or less stationary before it gets directs.
On the one hand it is a bullish pattern, other way, coming to close.
So it will be a Upside, Mix trending markets, profit booking also.
Next at 10:50, Moon will be in sat star, signifying long term gain.
Important CIT today are at
Today watchlist buy side.
India cem
Happy Trading
Disclaimer: Astro analysis, meant for only educational purposes

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