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Welcome on 7th October, Friday Astrology session for financial markets.

Welcome on 5th October, Tuesday Astrology session for financial markets

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Good morning traders

Welcome on 5th October, Tuesday Astrology session for financial markets.

What was said and what happened?

Nifty close wit a doji, whether it proves to be a morning star is to be seen. Above 17625, it will count positive. Else negative
Nifty bank, Closing bar on friday was a hammer, that signifies a recovery from bottom. If it opens low and cross 37500 it is positive. Else down.
Astrologically the Moon in Purva Phalguni and Venus being square is not positive and trine to Uranus add to unprecedented moves. Mixed trend is anticipated.

What happened: Nift Bank cross 37500 and close at 37724. Nifty cross 17625 and cls 17691. Media and Metal lead the rally.

Watchlist performed Well along with Cyclical Analysis.

Today Astro and Technical Forecast:

Nifty Bank is at a crucial trend angle @ 37600 and any move above is a positive with support of 37550.
Nifty is buy above or sustaining 17748 support @ 17560.

Moon in Uttara.In Virgo sign. Both sign and star lord are signifying 12th to Moon. Again i would say, not a very optimistic situation rather indecisive.
But since sun is cojoined with Mars, Volatile moves cannot be denied. Up market but Some profit booking must be there.

Today Important times in CIT

Today Cyclical Time Analysis

First Part of Nifty by 12 can remain positive and then corrections or down swings.
Nifty Bank also seems positive in opening and then sliding down,after first session.

Today Watchlist on buy side.

Finolex Ind- Buy above or sustaing 228
Natco Pharma above 915- Swing
V Guard Above 265
Cadila healthcare above 570
L N T above 1735
Canfin homes Sustaining 710- Swing

Today watchlist on sell side.

Cipla below 957. Watch cipla for trend reversal also.
Ashok Leyland- Below 130
Hinduni below 2686

Have a great trading day ahead. Happy trading.
Disclaimer: Astro Analysis meant only for educational purposes.

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