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Welcome on 7th October, Friday Astrology session for financial markets.

Welcome on 8th October, Friday Astrology session for financial markets.

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What was said and what happened?
Last fall was 3.8% and then this rise again was 3.39%. In a way a cycle has been completed. Now let us watch the closing of weekly expiry.
Today, Moon in chitra and moon has just passed the mars yesterday. In astrological prospective it is a fall trend as mars is 12th to Moon. Also mars is 3,8.
What Happened: Nifty after gap up open, close near the open. Rather below the open. Open @ 17802 and close @ 17790.
markets were led by Auo and Realty. Tata motors rose by 13% and Sobha by 16%.
Today Astro and Technical Forecast:
Technically, nifty made inside small doji or we can say inverted hammer. A total indecisive state.
But inside candles are best trades also. Whichever way market brakes is a definitive long trend trade.
Any close or move above 17885 is a buy.Crucial levels are 17785/17850/17917/17984 as intraday
Astrologiclly, This is culmination of Sun and Mars. And Moon in Ardra. On the one end sentiments are very dicy or fearful, it is a UP market.
Ardra is unprecedent and tears. So let market not drive you by emotions. Play very safe as per levels only.
Today Important times in CIT
Today Watchlist on buy side.
Again- Titan
Berger Paints
Today watchlist on sell side.
Have a great trading day ahead. Happy trading.
Disclaimer: Astrology Analysis, meant only for educational purpose.

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